You are using the wrong Orlando Hashtags on Instagram and Here is Why!

16th Mar 2021
You are using the wrong Orlando Hashtags on Instagram and Here is Why!

Are you using hashtags wrong on your Orlando Instagram posts? Hashtags can be used to gain new followers and new customers for your business when used correctly. The problem is most local Orlando businesses are using hashtags all wrong.

Let's take, for example, this restaurant I noticed posting great images of their food which was a burger, fries, and shake, and description and then the hashtag would be general like #burger #fries #shake now it's cool if someone in Iceland sees your burger, but will they ever become a local Orlando restaurant customer of yours? No. Hashtags need to be localized, so if we post burgers, fries, and shakes for a local Orlando Instagram, the hashtags should be something like #orlandoburgers #orlandobestburgers #bestburgerorlando #orlandofrenchfries #bestfriesorlando #orlandofood #orlandofoodie; keep it very local with the hashtags. These hashtags people in Orlando will see, and although they may not get as many views and likes, these will engage the audience and perhaps save that post and want to come to try your restaurant.

This works for all industries. I noticed a local Orlando real estate agent doing  #realestate like, okay, great, but nobody is buying a home on Instagram searching that hashtag. Don't waste your time on social media with broad hashtags. Hashtag locally and come up with your own and stick to your brand.

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