The Ulitmate Spam Scam List of India SEO Companies - BEWARE!

15th Oct 2021

Instead of doing each SEO company blog about India SEO companies that spam you and are trying to scam you, I figured I would make one list here and update it with all the crap I get. Every day it's new spam with "Do you need SEO" and "You are not ranking" when in fact, we are #1 for "Orlando SEO" google searches, and these people are spambots looking for leads. They spam your contact forms and emails, and it's sickening. These people are scam artists, and the best with SEO is because they can scam you for months and say it's SEO because we all know SEO takes months to see results.

Skytale Digital Restaurant Marketing Review - scam ? Managed Facebook Restaurant Advertising. SEO?

16th Oct 2021
I noticed the skytale digital come up in my newsfeed for restaurant marketing, and of course, I'm not sure why, but as a company that runs SEO and helps clients, I'm always intrigued by what companies are doing and getting "book a call" to used car salesman you to buying something you probably don't need.