Akoode Another Spam and Scam Search Engine Optimization Company

16th Mar 2021

Akoode, this is another company that spams contact forms talking you have errors on your website, and they can help. They also try to sell you top Google results for SEO. They didn't realize they are messaging the Best Orlando SEO company. The reason for this blog is because of the lies. The lies are they can "guarantee" top Google results, and they want $250/mo. They didn't ask what industry or what keywords but want the $250/mo. Again, you can't say that it's a scam. I do SEO for an Orlando Lawyer SEO. Those keywords will be insanely impossible going up against Morgan and Morgan and other companies spending tens of thousands and have teams of people working on SEO. All of a sudden, this $250/mo India company is going to come about and rank you for "accident lawyer Orlando?" Give me a break! 

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