Free Enterprise on ABC Talks SEO For Coffee Company Owner Now her SEO Tracking is HUGE! Here is Why!

19th Apr 2021

ABC does a great show named Free Enterprise for Entrepreneurs who are ex-inmates trying to turn a life around. Today the show was about Claudia Shivers of Queen Coffee Bean. The show brought on a great expert who knew what he was talking about. He touched on three essentials of SEO; although there are many more, the three he touched on the biggest.

Here is the video:

First was the technical side of the website, and I loved how he explained the size and speed of a website. A lot of people or business owners are unaware of this. We work with a huge Furniture company here in Orlando. The CEO thought they could upload any images and not scale them correctly for the web, and he was wondering why his Google score was low, and SEO was low. You can check your website speed at​, and you want to have a B or more. It will give you exactly what you need to do and get your website up to par. That was great information from Free Enterprise about SEO.

The second was content, and I always say Content is King. This is blogs, and information on your homepage, giving Google and your visitors plenty of information. You don't want lousy information but keep your website up to date with news and blogs one or twice a week. Google Loves Fresh Content.

The third was tracking, he said, but I call it backlinks to your website, and this is why I tell her tracking or backlinking is excellent because of this show. Already you see pages like​ already talking about the website and linking to her. This will significantly boost her SEO.

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Oh, and I almost forgot her link:​ for her SEO :)