How much is Great Video From Chamber Media - Travis Chambers Company

15th Jun 2021
How much is Great Video From Chamber Media - Travis Chambers Company

Chamber Media and Travis Chambers pop up all the time on my Facebook News Feed now, and the video they offer is amazing! I inquired about the cost, and I got the low down on the options, and they are below. Great video and Facebook ads can help you sell for sure, but don't ever overlook the value in Search Engine Optimization and having your website top of Google when people are searching for your keywords. That is what we do, and combine that with great video ads, and your business will be ready to succeed! 

  • Here’s info on pricing you can compare with your budget and see what works for you. $1K-$2K The One in the Chamber Program is a self service website, that lets you make a one time payment to create a customizable ad package
  • MVP $7k/mo for 3 months: 8 assets a month to increase account performance. 4 live action videos, 4 motion graphics assets.
  • Mini Anchor $55k: Mini-anchor video for scaling prospecting with 6 retargeting assets.
  • $97k: Full size production anchor video with 8 retargeting videos entry level 120
  • $147k: Larger full size production anchor video with 12 retargeting videos
  • $265k: Two anchor videos with 24 retargeting videos
  • If you aren’t ready for those prices, we also have our 6 pack ads DIY course, which teaches you how to do what we do but on your own budget. For more specific pricing and info we can set up a call with you.