The Map Pack on Google is Not Organic SEO - These are Citations

26th Aug 2021

Since many people are unfamiliar with Google and how SEO works, what is all this stuff? The bottom line is most business owners want to show up on top of google and not worry about it. They want to see a good return on their investment into their website and rankings. Period. Now, there are only a few things you need to know about SEO. 


Organic SEO - this is the first result you see. No Ads, No Map or reviews/directions. The first actual result you see is organic SEO; if you google a celebrity, most likely, Wikipedia will show up #1. This is because Wikipedia has the most content and information about that celebrity. Google crawls websites and shows up the most informative website and the website with the most links and information to it. That's all for Organic SEO.


Map Pack SEO - Your business can sign up for Google my business and have an actual address. You plug in your address, and there you go. You will show up on Google maps once you verify it. The people that show up first on map packs have more information around the web with their address and info. There are called "Citations," A citation is your business information on yelp, Linkedin, etc. the more citations you have around the web, the higher you will show up on the map pack. You can see in the image above - this is citations; this is not Organic SEO as this is claiming.


Lastly, Google Adwords - these are the results that people are paying per click when you google something. You will see "Ad" in front of these. Anyone can buy ads and pay for each click to their website. These work well but can become costly. My Orlando lawyer SEO -client for "Orlando Accident Attorney" google charges almost $100 per click. If that lead doesn't convert, that's $100 out the window. Imagine how much marketing budget you need with that. However, one accident injury lead could make the lawyer hundreds of thousands of dollars. It's all about how much you want to invest in your website and your rankings. 

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