Skytale Digital Restaurant Marketing Review - scam ? Managed Facebook Restaurant Advertising. SEO?

16th Oct 2021
I noticed the skytale digital come up in my newsfeed for restaurant marketing, and of course, I'm not sure why, but as a company that runs SEO and helps clients, I'm always intrigued by what companies are doing and getting "book a call" to used car salesman you to buying something you probably don't need. I think the same goes for this skytale digital, and after speaking with the owner(s), I was told I could get $500 for each client I refer, and they charge 1k - 2k per month for your restaurant business. Most restaurants I know will not be able to afford that kind of spend without immediate results. Here I break down a restaurant that is giving them a testimonial, but I go to that Facebook page, and they have no engagement and no likes on each post, and that is the same thing these guys are trying to sell. Further, the website for this restaurant is now done by another company. So, not sure what's up with these companies getting these testimonials but then when you do more research, you see that they aren't even with that company anymore but still using them as a testimonial. People do not give a company a testimonial unless you have business with them and proven results for a long period.
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