Umbrella Local / Umbrella US - SEO Scam for Pay Per Rank White Label Google Results

23rd Aug 2021
Umbrella Local / Umbrella US - SEO Scam for Pay Per Rank White Label Google Results

This Umbrella Local company approached me, and they are talking about pay after you rank model for SEO. Intrigued, I told them, okay, rank me for a keyword, and I'll pay you. That's when you find out the scam - you need to join their membership for $1k upfront. So, let's face it, you are paying 1k, and then these people are just trying to get money this way from online wanna-be entrepreneurs. You really think this company can rank first page "Accident Attorney," there is no possible way they will EVER rank some keywords, so that shows that this is a scam. You'll be waiting forever, and they will still have your 1k upfront payment. 

umbrella local seo expert scam
URank Umbrella $995 membership fee
urank scam doesn't even have an SSL certificate error

I ask them to provide some results and show some keywords ranked, and of course, you get the whole dog and pony show. Then they say, look into your local expert; I'm like, okay, so I'm in Orlando, and I find this lady. Now you go to her Facebook, and she even admits she can barely work her cell phone. Also, she is dumb enough to fall for the Anthony Morrison Publishing scam. These are HUGE red flags about this company. 

Winter Springs SEO Local Expert
You think this lady really knows SEO?


Winter Springs SEO Local Expert
Admits she barely knows how to maneuver her cell phone but is a local SEO Expert?

There are no shortcuts for SEO. You need a good budget to buy backlinks. You need to know about on-site SEO. Anyone that tells you anything different is a scam.

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