Orlando SEO Group responding to Low SEO Budget of $100 month and Recommending Google Adwords

26th Jun 2021
Orlando SEO Group responding to Low SEO Budget of $100 month and Recommending Google Adwords

We get many leads that want SEO but do not have a lot of money to spend on search engine optimization; the main thing that gets people upset about SEO is not a short-term game. If you want Google to take your website seriously, you need to have relevant content and provide Google information that people will genuinely find valuable. Content is King; if you are knowledgeable in a field and do a nice blog a week about the ins and outs of what is going on in your field of expertise, your website will rank very well. If you throw up a one-page website with information and hope google and people find you, you are better off writing your phone number on a $100 bill and throwing it out the window driving down your interstate. That will have a better chance of return on your investment than building a website and not trying to advertise it or keep it up to date with fresh content.

So, the recommendation here is simple to this person, and we suggest Google Adwords. We offer Google Adwords management for $199/mo, but this person only wants to spend $100/month. So, you can see our reply was to find a coupon for Google Adwords on Google and use a pre-paid debit card so they can't auto-bill you. Google is notorious for over-billing, and good luck trying to get that back. I once forgot about the campaign, and in less than one day, Google had billed me over $300 because I forgot to put a maximum budget on the clicks. I figured the clicks would be a couple of dollars, and it turns out the clicks were $40 per click! Craziness recommends finding a coupon for Adwords, using a pre-paid card, finding out what keywords are performing for your niche, and longer tail keywords you see in our response our way better. You do a broad keyword search like this person is trying to help with real estate foreclosures. You do the "real estate foreclosures" keyword broad on Google Adwords, and you'll waste all your money on people trying to find to buy, not the leads you want for help. So many things you need to focus on and can do in the Adwords template. Working with negative keywords is also a great tool.

So, if you have a low budget per month and are a new website like the person attached, long-term SEO might not be what you are looking for. This is something for people or businesses that are established and want a long presence on Google. If you are looking for quick leads, you will have to buy them with pay-per-click.