honelogixwebsolutions.com - can't even keep SSL active do not trust them with SEO

25th Aug 2021

Honelogixwebsolutions.com is another scam India SEO company that you should stay far away. I've said this in previous blogs, and I can't state it enough DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH COMPANIES IN OTHER COUNTRIES FOR YOUR USA SEO. Too many red flags will occur. They will buy terrible backlinks (black hat SEO) and provide content that is not in English or understandable to a consumer. You have no recourse to getting money back because you can't sue them or take them to court. You are giving access to your website to someone you never met and could easily hack it or plant viruses. The list goes on and on, and these India SEO companies buy a domain, migrate the information to another website, and spam your contact forms repeatedly. It's ridiculous. This company honelogixwebsolutions.com won't last long, trust me. They can't even spell "packages" correctly on their website, and you can tell it's new spam because they didn't have the SSL certificate ready when spamming my clients and me for SEO.

India Seo Scam can't spell
Can't even spell packages correctly on the MAIN MENU!

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