Job Killing ( Scam Artist and Sideshow Bob Clown Dan Klein 2022 Update - Class Action Lawsuit?

5th Apr 2022
dan j klein las vegas clown


Wondering if all the people that got scammed over the years for putting effort into websites should look into a class-action lawsuit against Dan Klein and the other Brad Founder.? They have a legit case. First off, I have 100% proof that they have said you can build websites in a niche where some niches need State licenses, and by doing that, you need an actual license; you can't represent a field in which you don't have a state license and insurance. That's proven, and I have all the evidence of them saying it, and that's why and youtube videos all went down and private. So, while the clown Dan Klein is spending your money on his lifestyle and the ugliest haircut in the entire world, you are sitting at home wondering why you spent the money to join and now wondering how I can get rid of the websites I built for cashback to recoup. Right? Exactly. Pyramid Scheme at its finest anyone vouching for Dan and is paid commission for bringing in new members. That are the only people who will vouch for him because they got a couple grand by bringing you in. I have that proof as well.


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