Lake Mary SEO Firm PNC Digital Outsourcing Links for Westgate - Not Local - Bad Reviews

17th Aug 2020
Lake Mary SEO Firm PNC Digital Outsourcing Links Not Local - Bad Reviews

We here at Orlando SEO Group are local to Orlando, Florida, and of course, we outsource things to other Countries for some linking and stuff. The blog post about PNC Digital in Lake Mary, Florida, is because of the utter unprofessionalism by one of the people allegedly working on behalf of PNC Digital. We received an email from David Kane, and you can see in the email he boasts that his company is this, and of course, if you look at the website, they are located in Lake Mary, Florida. We would love to connect with local SEO companies and links, so I asked to meet for coffee or something in Lake Mary, Florida, as an average business person. This person went on a rant saying he is not in Lake Mary, Florida, and we need to publish his links or else. On a side note, this company must be doing SEO for Westgate resorts because those are the links they want to be published. We have already worked with SEO for Westgate before with our IDrive Orlando tourism website links. This is just another reason we wanted to speak with someone local about Westgate resorts since Westgate corporate office is a stone throw from our offices here in Orlando, Florida.  

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Here you can see this guy confirms is his office website


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You can see bad reviews on Yelp

This company boasts 1000's of satisfied clients on website - lying when they have 8 reviews on Yelp and 6 are 1 star. Are you looking for Lake Mary SEO from actual Orlando, Florida based company? Contact us today for free SEO Quote!