lying about Sarasota SEO results and Fort Myers Address

5th Jun 2021 lying about Sarasota SEO results and Fort Myers Address

Another offshore company lying about SEO results is; they reached out with another of the white-label SEO things that you are getting now more from India SEO companies. Instead of India SEO companies spamming companies, they reach out to US-based SEO companies and say to white-label their services. White-label is a great idea, but when I tell them to provide SEO results for a company, they provide minimal results. For example, they alleged they ranked "Sarasota airport transportation," and I would have been amazed, but of course, they are nowhere to be found. The other keywords get little to no searches. They also lie about the office in Fort Myers, Florida, and of course, you can see here that is a lie. If you want real US-Based SEO help with no offshore white label help, let us know. Also, companies in the US like offer white-label services to SEO companies, but the commission is 5%; it's like give me a break. I send you a $1000 a month SEO client, and I can sit back each month and collect my $50 bucks? I'll do the work myself. 

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