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We are working with a client Elite Exterior Cleaning, in Central Florida. They offer a wide range of roof and pressure washing services. Central Florida is a large area with many different cities, so we asked the client what the ideal city and keyword you would want to rank for first is. The client responded "Lake Mary" and "roof cleaning," so we went to work. We purchased the domain, and to get the ball rolling, we did some Google Adwords and Facebook Ads for the client. This will let Google know the website is live and ready to be indexed. We are also building backlinks to this to capitalize on the paid ads and get the website there organically eventually. Also, a small AdWords budget will tell you a lot about what people are searching for, and you can target those keywords in blogs, tagging et cetera. 

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UPDATED: 8/25/2021

Lake Mary SEO

Client emailed me 8/25 and has a lead and a job! Proving this method works - Contact us today for SEO and more business!