Orlando Based Crystal Clear Digital Marketing SEO for Doctors and Medical Practices Fake Reviews and Scam Results

11th Apr 2022

A local Orlando Doctor approached us about Crystal Clear Digital Marketing for Medical Doctors and Medical Practices for SEO. They came to us because they noticed we are #1 google when you search "Orlando SEO," so we must know what we are doing. We know SEO; now, with the CRM demo they are doing, we have no idea about we recommend using hubspot.com for any CRM for your office or digital marketing. Hubspot is the best, and we are partners with them and have clients that love it. That is a separate area HubSpot vs.

How much does Orlando SEO Cost and How Much Do You Charge? Buying Bad Links to my Website!

9th Nov 2021

Nobody can tell you how much SEO costs and how long it will take you to be #1 unless they work at Google.com. The keywords and your competition are the main things, and of course, linking to your website. A lot of business owners simply buy bad backlinks and end up hurting more than helping their website. You have to think of your website as the authority for what you are in the business space. This will help Google rank you highly and, of course, quality back links. If you have horrible back links, you need to disavow those links immediately.

Free Enterprise on ABC Talks SEO For Coffee Company Owner Now her SEO Tracking is HUGE! Here is Why!

19th Apr 2021

ABC does a great show named Free Enterprise for Entrepreneurs who are ex-inmates trying to turn a life around. Today the show was about Claudia Shivers of Queen Coffee Bean. The show brought on a great expert who knew what he was talking about. He touched on three essentials of SEO; although there are many more, the three he touched on the biggest.

Here is the video:

Why Orlando SEO Group? What Does Orlando SEO Group Do?

16th Mar 2021

Search Engine Optimization from Orlando SEO Group can help you reach a highly motivated target audience through natural search engine rankings. A target audience increases website conversion rate resulting in a positive ROI.

Advantages of SEO include:

Web Daytona buys Yahoo Fiverr link for Orlando SEO

14th Feb 2020

Web Daytona is trying to get into the "orlando seo" game with the most recent purchase of this link:


Not a bad idea, but when researching an Orlando SEO company make sure you know you can purchase these links on www.fiverr.com - what you can't purchase is:

Beware India SEO Scams Posing as US companies and How To Tell

7th Feb 2020

Be careful of India SEO scams and India SEO companies pretending they are in the USA.

They will call with a Google Voice US number and the website will even say they have a USA office.

The #1 question you should ask any SEO company is "What have you ranked before" and take a look at results. Most companies haven't ranked hard keywords.

Is Your Orlando Social Media Instagram Marketing Efforts to Follow the Maximum 7500?

31st Dec 2019

Recently was working with an Orlando client who was coming from an alleged "social media influencer," and they messaged this company saying they will grow their brand and pay them monthly, and they will do a great job. The social media influencer that took over this company account just kept following and following people until they reached the maximum that Instagram allows you to do, which is 7500. Following 7500 is a bad social media plan for your business. If you keep following people, sure some will follow you back, but who are these people, and how is that adding to your bottom line?