Instagram Paid Shoutout by ElegantmDelux - Fake Likes - Waste of Money

13th Jun 2021

Recently was approached by Nina from ElegantmDelux and asking if I wanted to pay for a shoutout on their Instagram page. I checked out the page, and they look like they bought the most likes and follows. You don't see much engagement with comments on posts. The fact they are hitting me up is ridiculous. I am going to put an SEO post up on this page and get clients? It's absolute nonsense. If you think this is the way to grow, your Instagram follows you in the wrong direction. Contact us if you need help with Instagram growth.

You are using the wrong Orlando Hashtags on Instagram and Here is Why!

16th Mar 2021

Are you using hashtags wrong on your Orlando Instagram posts? Hashtags can be used to gain new followers and new customers for your business when used correctly. The problem is most local Orlando businesses are using hashtags all wrong.